Belts and belts

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A couple belts going out this morning. An OD ejector snap belt going out to a jump master at Airborne school. And a basic cobra riggers belt for use inside a war belt.


Mention on Soldier Systems Daily

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Via SSD:

The Team USA RWB (Red, White, and Blue) Plate Carrier was made by Fayetteville-based Gellman Gear Tactical as a small run for a specific group. Recently, they posted an auction on eBay for a custom version made to order for the winner….

Article from SSD

New medic go bag

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This was put together for a dude that wanted a compact bag that could strap to the top of his ruck while still being able to hold enough gear to manage any medical situation he may end up in. Three outside pockets, front and back slot pockets, a slot pocket on the inside. The iv starter kit holds everything needed to gain and maintain access.










Back up and running

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It has been about a year since I was able to get back behind a machine and knock out some gear. I will be taking on a bunch of new customers and churning out some new gear. If you are looking for new gear, or if you have some old gear that is in need of repair, shoot an email to

2nd Line Combat Belt

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I’ve been planning on doing a padded belt for a while and finally got around to it. There is nothing super special here; double layer 1000D, 1/8″ closed cell foam, dri-lex. The inside belt can be tucked away so one can use their own favorite belt. And there is 2″ webbing on the outside stitched down every other column to allow hanging of leg pouches/panels.

Border Patrol Vest Mods

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Earlier this year I was contacted by a couple of Boarder Patrol agents here in El Paso to do a few mods to their issue vests to make the vest more functional. I have modified around twenty of these vests so far all a bit differently. The main things these guys have been wanting done are adding more pals/molle columns to the front, opening of seams in the vest for the routing of comms wires and the adding of loop velcro pals grids with pockets to the front. Additionally many of the vests get the inside hard armor plate pockets replaced, some vests get drag handles, some have webbing added to the right shoulder for attachment of one point slings and some have the vest split into front and back panels with adjustment straps on top of the shoulders.

Flip Down Radio Pouch

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With the Harris PRC-152 being used by more and more units I have been getting requests for a dedicated pouch. I have not seen too many pouches for them and the issue one is not that great IMHO. However many units are still using the Thales PRC-148 MBITR. Now, I believe, I’ve made a great option that works for both radios. This pouch will fit either radio and flips down after un-snapping a SRB to allow view of the screen and manipulation of all the buttons.